is established to share the 22-year experience of the founders in Trademark & Patent & Design registration and consulting to commercial establishments with the business world. In its first year, it has organized its corporate infrastructure and implemented the "clustering" formation, reaching the capability to offer services to all establishments in Turkey on

  • Industrial Property Rights
  • Stimulus & Support & Grant Programs
  • Documentation Services
  • Foreign Trade Consulting Services

In this context, The KALKINMA OFİSİ sets the benchmark and is the only platform that can cater to the whole country.

The KALKINMA OFİSİ has extensive experience in enhancing the competitiveness of international firms in accordance with clustering policies in the Global Integration and Regional Integration process.

As The KALKINMA OFISI, our primary concerns with respect to making our claim sustainable in the face of the new rules of business and the rapidly changing environment are localization and specialization. Departments that have specialized in their respective fields provide organizational and presentational innovation by complementing each other. The big picture that includes success and profit emerges as a result of this.

The KALKINMA OFİSİ is "a strong player in a strong team"

Corporate Information
The Kalkınma Ofisi Ltd.
Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Trade Registry No : 269667
Taxopayer ID No : 4930613210